Turn your Vape-Jet ON and allow it to complete startup

From the “Pump Control” tab, set the pump slider to approximately half draw

Carefully loosen and remove the 4 thumb screws holding the cover of the pump chamber assembly. Set the screws and cover to the side.


Using a 2mm hexagonal driver, carefully loosen and remove the two (2) screws that hold the syringe retention clamp to the pump face and set aside the clamp and screws.

Using thumb and forefinger, loosen the exposed syringe plunger retention bolt by rotating the top face of the knurled bolt away from the operator, i.e., rotating counterclockwise if looking at the syringe from the plunger end.

The bolt will remain captured in the syringe slider.

Carefully depress the plunger slightly into the syringe body until the plunger is clear of the syringe slider.

Using a 2mm hexagonal driver, loosen and remove the two screws that hold the valve housing to the face of the pump body, and set them aside.

Carefully remove the valve and syringe by pulling away from the pump body, there should be no resistance.

Using both hands, grip the silver base of the syringe in one hand, and the valve in the other, and carefully tighten the syringe into the valve until there is only 1mm, or the width of a business card, between the silver base of the syringe and the valve.

Assemble in the reverse order as removed, and ensure that all connections are tight, especially the Luer-Loc connection between the syringe and valve.

Reinsertion of the syringe and valve assembly must be done gently to avoid damaging the syringe glass

Reconnecting the syringe plunger to the syringe slider will require the syringe key to be aligned to the slider so that it may slide in. Ensure the key is aligned prior to seating the syringe/valve assembly by gripping the syringe glass and plunger; do not attempt to align the plunger key after the valve assembly is installed.

Ensure the syringe retention clamp is tight enough by clicking “Cycle Pump” from the “Pump Control” tab several times; if it is too loose, the syringe will pull slightly out of the valve housing on draw back, and then slightly in on dispense. Retighten the syringe connection to the valve by hand, then tighten the syringe retention clamp screws more with the 2mm hexagonal driver.