Unable to connect to the Vape-Jet interface.

Vape-Jet is on, but you are unable to load the GUI by navigating in your browser to the address that is regularly used.


The Vape-Jet system was assigned a different IP address from your router.

This is typically caused by recent change in your local network configuration or router settings. By default, your Vape-Jet is configured in DHCP mode, which means it is assigned an address directly from your router. If there was a recent change in your network configuration/router settings, or the DHCP lease was never set by your IT department, your Vape-Jet may be assigned a different address when it reboots.


With your Vape-Jet system on, and connected to your router via Ethernet, submit a support request via the Vape-Jet Help Desk stating you are unable to log into your Vape-Jet.

We will respond by email with the IP and MAC addresses of your Vape-Jet, which will allow you to log into the machine and continue operations.

We highly recommend having your IT specialist set this address to a DHCP lease on your local network. If not set to a static IP lease, your Vape-Jet system may be assigned a different IP address each time it is powered off and on.