GUI displays “Syringe Overload” or “Excessive Backpressure” error during operations.


This problem indicates that the pump was unable to push the loaded formulation out of the syringe.

Nitrogen assists in moving your formulation from the reservoir to the syringe; however, it cannot assist in moving what is in the syringe out of the needle. If the formulation is too viscous, the pump may have difficulty overcoming the torque needed to push it out of the syringe.


  1. Increase heater setpoints to help decrease the viscosity of your formulation

  2. Slow “Dispensing Speed” of the loaded profile to obtain more torque from the pump (1 is fastest, 20 is slowest; if Dispensing Speed = 15, you would need to increase the value to 16 to decrease the pump speed and obtain more torque)


If this is a new formulation, refer to the Pump Calibration SOP to ensure that your pump settings match the recommendations for your loaded formulation.

Always allow your Jet-Fueler or Vape-Jet to run with the heaters on for 20-30 minutes before beginning dispensing operations. This ensures that your reservoir and fluid path are preheated to the configured setpoints for your loaded profile.