If the Jet-Fueler syringe becomes lose, you will experience multiple issues including leaks and un-calibrated dispenses. Follow this procedure to re-tighten the syringe.


  1. In order to make sure the syringe is tight, you must first remove the syringe retention clamp using a 2mm hexagonal driver; there are two screws which hold it in place.

  2. Once the clamp is removed, you'll need to loosen the plunger screw by rotating counterclockwise if viewed from the left (thumb toward, index finger away), until the screw is totally removed from the plunger. Then move the pump to the charge position by clicking the foot pedal or clicking "cycle" from the GUI. 

  3. Ensure the syringe is well seated to the valve by turning it clockwise if viewed from the left (thumb away, index finger toward). If it is loose, you may need to rotate the syringe plunger counterclockwise accordingly in order for it to fit back into the slot on the pump stage.

  4. Once the Luer Lock has been tightened, replace the plunger screw by moving the plunger into the pump stage by hand and tightening the screw with the plunger firmly seated in the stage.

  5. Replace the syringe retention clamp, making sure the Luer Lock stays tight whilst tightening the clamp screws. 

If there is any liquid in the valve/syringe, the Luer lock may not stay fully engaged. If the components are wet it may be better to dry them before proceeding with the procedure.

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