Vape-Jet products have a safety feature which disables the system in the event that a heater is disconnected from the system while under power. You should always turn off the reservoir heater if you plan to disconnect it. Not disabling the heater through the GUI will cause the machine to stop operations, display an error, and require a full power-cycle.

Symptoms of a heater error:

  • Temperature readout in GUI is frozen.

  • GUI Indicates heaters are on, but no heat is produced.

  • Error message popup in GUI saying “Thermal Runaway Error”

Removing the reservoir heater plug while under power is dangerous, and can damage the machine. Always turn off the heater power before disconnecting.


  1. Turn off the system by reaching behind to the back panel, and turn the power switch to the off position.

  2. Wait 15 seconds.

  3. Turn the system on using the same power switch.

Identify the cause of the error, and implement process controls to prevent future occurrences.